The first time I found out about the hunger games was from the VMAs in 2011. They showed trailers of upcoming films in the next year and all I saw was a girl in the woods and she shot an arrow. This made me want to know more about the film. I read a preview of the book a month before the movie came out but didn’t get the book until a day before it came out in the cinema. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish reading the book before I saw it so I wasn’t one of those big fans.

Hunger Games  

The film’s story is based on North America in the future where it is split into 12  districts and the capital which is the rich area. From the twelve districts, one boy and one girl is picked at the reaping to compete in the hunger games where they fight to the death until they have one victor. This year Katniss

iss (the main protagonist) sister Prim gets picked in the reaping that she later volunteers to take her place and together with Peeta (the boy that is also picked from her district which is district 12) they have to fight for survival in the games.

What I liked about this franchise as a whole was that we had a female lead that could fight for herself which we don’t get in films. The film as a whole was incredible. I liked the fact that they did use the shaky camera work because even though it was annoying at times, it reminded me of the indie films that were so rare and showed you that it was all about the storyline rather than glitz and glamour which we see in most films today. It also gave you a sense of how Katniss lifestyle is in the film.

This was the second film that I had seen Jennifer Lawrence in with the first being X Men:First Class. In that film, I didn’t get to see her performance that much so it was good to know she was in this one. The way that she brought Katniss on the screen was incredible. It was like acting came natural to her that for the whole film, you believed her and how she reacted to the situation that she was in. Josh Hutcherson was also amazing as Peeta but my favourite stand out performance has to be Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. His character was so funny. This film is also still incredible after a year it has come out and still jaw-drooping even though some people will still know what is going to happen. I have rated this film out of ten to how I think it was and have given it a 9/10.