For this film, I was lucky enough to see the preview screening of it. This was a film that I was excited to see because it was a Disney film.


This film is about the few weeks that it took for Walt Disney to get P.L. Travers to give him the rights to the book Mary Poppins to make in to a film. This is something that Walt Disney has been fighting for 20 years after his daughter read the book and enjoyed it. You also got to see the back story on what was the inspiration for the book.

What I liked about this film was that you got the back story of the inspiration of Mary Poppins and why Mary Poppins came in the first place. You also got to know some things about the author that most people don’t know. Some people might think that the film was all about Walt Disney but he is hardly seen in the film which was good in a way because you weren’t taken out of the story of Mary Poppin’s creator. Emma Thompson portrayed the author in such an exceptional way. You got to see how mean the character was mainly because she didn’t want to sell her creation to someone who made cartoons. Tom Hanks was also great as Walt Disney. It was good that they made an icon play an icon.

The stand out moment for me in the film was the Sherman Brothers and how they created the song and filled the movie and the work environment with joy. After seeing this film, I came out of the cinema humming the tunes.This will be a film that I would buy on DVD and rewatch. For this film, I have given it a 8/10 and recommend this film to anyone old or young.