Since it is getting towards Christmas, I thought it would be good to rate a Christmas film. The first time I saw this one was a few days before Christmas when they showed it on tv.


This film is about the Grinch who hates Christmas and everything about it. He also hates the people of whoville and how they celebrate and enjoy it. On Christmas Eve, he decides to steal Christmas from the whos in the best possible way he can.

What I liked most about this film was Jim Carrey’s acting. He potrayed the character in a way that nobody can that at times you felt scared, angry and sad for the character. The makeup that they did for the Grinch was so incredible and looks so real. I liked the fact that it wasn’t all happy, jolly like most Christmas films.

I have to admit that when in first watched this film, I was kind of scared of the grinch but over the years this film has grown on me. This is my ultamite favourite Christmas film. I have rated this film 10/10