This year alone, I have seen 35 films which have been released which isn’t a lot and don’t include horror films. Out of this, I have narrowed it down to the top ten films which I think are the best in this year

10. The heat
This is a buddy comedy film that stars Sandra bullock and Melissa McCarthy who work together to solve a drug case. I liked that this had Melissa in it because for the last year, she has been the breakout star. Her comedy films are always the best and I laughed so much watching this one. I also loved the fact that Sandra bullock went back to her miss congeniality ways and did a cop film. I have rated this film out of 10 and given it a 6/10

9. Now you see me
This film is about four magicians who rob a bank and police try to catch them. It is a bit like cat and mouse. This film was hated by most critics but I found it incredible. I liked how they always kept you in suspense that you didn’t know what was coming next. You also go to see how magic is performed on stage. There were some funny scenes. The ending was also unexpected. I have given this film a 6/10

8. Olympus has fallen

This film is about the white house being captured by a terrorist mastermind and the president is kidnapped. It is up to a formal presidential guard to rescue him. Before I saw this film in the cinema, I didn’t know a lot about it and I thought that it wouldn’t be great but I was so wrong. This film was one of the best action films that I have seen in a long time. The film did have some scenes that were unecessery I was intrigued at what was going to happen next. I have given this film a 6/10.

7. Warm Bodies

This film is about a zombie called R who befriends a human called Julie. What I liked about this film that it wasn’t like any of those teen drama films that came out and had a girl who had two guys who liked her. This film was a bit like Romeo and Juliet because they were both from two different worlds. This film has a combination of romance,comedy,drama and horror so it is a good film if you like any of these genres. I also liked that this film wasn’t like your typical zombie film. I have given this film a 7/10

6. The Bling Ring

This is a film based on a true story about a group of teenagers who were obsessed with fame and stole from celebrities. When I heard this story, I was fascinated about how these teens wanted fame and what they would do to get it. This film taught us about who your true friends are. It also made you feel sorry for the teens because they wanted to stand out and have a different life because they were fed up of theirs. Emma Watson has shown that she has grown since the Harry Potter films. I think that the new actors should all get recognition because they were amazing. I would be looking forward to their future projects. This film for me has been given a 7/10

5. Wreck-It Ralph

This film is about a video game character who is tired of being the bad guy of his game so he sets out on a journey to prove that he is a hero. Some people might argue that this film came out last year but after doing some research, I found out that the film came out in February of this year in the UK.  This film is the only animation film that I have added to this list mainly because I felt that the best year for animation films was 2010 when Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me came out. This film reminded me of all the best animations film that are out there that I thought that it was made by Pixar because it was that good. It had an amazing storyline and you never lost track of the main character’s aim.  I have given this film a 7/10.

4.Star Trek Into Darkness

This is a sequel to the first film that came out in 2009 when the crew have to defeat a new villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch. I have always wanted them to make a sequel to the Star Trek film so when they announced that it was coming I was so excited. This film was incredible and I was fascinated every time. I loved the fact that it was set in London and that they had a British actor in the film. They picked the best person to play the villain. This film was full of action and had some comedy elements here and there. I have given this film a 7/10

3. The Way Way Back

This film is about a boy who goes on summer vacation with his mum, her boyfriend and his daughter. He becomes friends with the manager of the water park and has a summer that he will never forget.  This is a coming of age film that came out at the right time because I started to get a bit sick of the superhero films that came out this year. This film had its funny moments while talking about real issues. The only bad thing was the ending otherwise everything was great.I have given this film an 8/10.

2. Saving Mr Banks

This film is about how Walt Disney tried to get P L Travers to give him the rights to turn Mary Poppins into a film. I have already rated this film and there is nothing more to say about it other than you will laugh, cry and sing along.

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This is the sequel to the first film that came out in 2012 when the rebellion has just started. I liked the fact that every important that was in the book was in the film so it wasn’t that important if there were some bits missing . This film was more epic that the first and darker because they are adults now. My favourite quote from this film is ‘Remember who the real enemy is’ because it has such an important meaning to the entire film. People say that it was much better than the first film but for me, there wasn’t that much difference. They were both incredible. I liked that we got to see more of Gale in this film film because in the first, he was only there for 5 minutes. I am looking forward for the third one when it comes out in the new year in November. I have given this film a 9/10 and have made it my favourite film of 2013.