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February 2014

Gravity (2013)

The first time that i heard about this film was form watching the trailer on Youtube. I was also interested in seeing this film because of the Director Alfonso Cuaron who directed the third Harry Potter film and the producer David Heyman who produced all the Harry Potter film.

Gravity poster

This film is hard to explain. It is about a doctor on her first shuttle mission and something goes wrong when the shuttle is destroyed in space.

If you are looking for a film with a great plot, then don’t watch this film. The plot was really bad and it was obvious about some things that you would see happen in the film that wouldn’t really happen in space. Also, the first half of the film was boring.It starts to get interesting when the main character breaks away from the shuttle but if you have wathced the clips, then you would lose that excitement wihile watching the film like I did. Once the film starts to get serious, it becomes interesting and jaw-dropping.

PS. May contain Spoilers

My favourite scene in the film is when she realises that she is going to die and gives up, then George Clooney’s character comes in and tells her that she knows the way out and shouldn’t give up because she lost her child. I have to admit that even though the storyline wasn’t great, the visual effects and 3D experience was incredible. I have given this film a 6/10 becfause even though the visual effects was good, I had high expectations and the film didn’t reach to my standards.


Blue Jasmine (2013)

When I first heard about this film, I was interested in seeing it because it is a Woody Allen film and I had just got into his films at the time. Also, the main actress got nominations for and won screen actors award and a golden globe.

This film is about a women who is deeply troubled and in denial who arrives in San Francisco from New York to impose on her sister and to try to pull herself back together again.

When I first saw the film, i was a bit confused about what was going on. After i understood it, I thought that it was really good. It isn’t the best film that I have seen but it wasn’t bad. I like the way that the film showed mental health without talking about it like most films do nowerdays. Cate Blanchett really played her character well and showed how she went from a rich wife to a poor widow. She also showed how much her character was in denial in everything that was going wrong in her life.

I like the way that Woody Allen does his films that is in a way that the character goes on a journey to make their life better but in the end, there is no resolution. From seeing this film, i have given it a 6/10.

Captain Phillips (2013)

The first time I knew about this film was when I saw the first trailer on YouTube. I was really interested in it because hit was based on a true story which i remembered hearing about it on TV and it had Tom Hanks in it.Image

This is a film based on a true story about a relationship between Captain Richard Phillips and the Somali pirate captain, Muse who takes him hostage.

The film starts of slow in the beginning and shows the journey that Phillips and Muse make before they meet each other in between. Once it gets to the bit where the pirates start to hijack the ship, it starts to become more interesting and makes you watch on the edge of your seat. It also shows how much courage both Captain’s had in the situation with Phillips putting himself first before his crew to make sure that they are all safe and don’t die and Muse sticking to his guns when everything goes wrong.

Tom Hanks was incredible as always and showed the emotions that the character had in that situation. The stand out performance had to be the four Somali pirates. We got to see their lifestyles and how they always tried to do better for themselves even though sometimes it wasn’t working out for them. This is also the reason why Barkhad Abdi won a bafta for this performance. I have given the film an 8/10 and think that Barkhad should get an Oscar for his performance in this film.


Today was the 2014 Bafta awards which I watched as I am such a film freak. The first time I watched this award show was in 2009 when the hurt locker won best film. Usually, I always think that the bafta chose the wrong winners but this year, I was happy with who won.

Best film went to 12 years a slave. I have not had the opportunity to see this film yet but I have spoken to people who have and they had said that this film was extraordinary. Best director went to Alfonso cuaron for gravity. I was so happy that he won this award because I loved his work ever since he directed the 3rd harry potter film which is the best out of all of them. He has a way of directing a film which makes people want to be engaged and lets them understand the whole process of the character’s journey.

Best Actor went to Chiwetel Ejiofor in 12 years a slave. I have clips of this film and I have to say that that this actor was incredible as Solomon. You could see the pain in his eyes when he played the character to show his emotion and how he was suffering as a slave. Best Actress went to Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine. She was amazing as the mentally unstable Jasmine. I had only seen her in Lord of the rings before this role but after seeing her in this film, I now know that she can do anything. I also loved the fact that she dedicated her award to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was really an amazing actor and will be missed.

Best Supporting Actor went to the well deserved Barkhad Abdi in Captain Phillips. I still haven’t seen this film but I have seen clips and i know that this actor did an incredible job as the Somali pirate. Best Supporting Actress went the the amazing Jennifer Lawrence. I have been a fan of hers since I saw her in X-Men First Class and when I saw her performance in this film, I knew that she would get nominations for her performance. She is an amazing actress and she has more great films to come.

Best Animation Film went to Frozen. This film has got to be the best Disney film that is out there now and it is not because of the songs. It is mainly because of how the ending is compared to most fairy tale stories. I think that this film is inspiring to all women out there. There were more awards out there like the public voted award Best rising Star which went to Will Poulter and so many more put there are a lot of them.

American Hustle (2014)

I was really excited to see this film because it has Jennifer Lawrence in it and David O Russell has created some great films like Silver Linings Playbook and the Fighter.David O. Russell's 'American Hustle' character poster.

This is a film about a con man and his mistress who are forced to work with an FBI agent who pushes them to a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia.

When i saw some clips for the film, I thought that it looked a bit boring because there was no excitement. When I saw the film, I was shocked at how good it was compared to the clips. This film teaches us about hustle and shows what people would do to gain power. I felt that Amy Adams did an amazing job in this film and deserves all her award nominations. I also liked Christian Bale and how he got so into his character. Bradley Cooper was also good in this film. I think that people should also recognise Jeremy in this film because he was excellent and some people forget that he was part of the main characters.

My favourite character in the film had to be Jennifer Lawrence. I thought that her character was really funny. My favourite performance form her was when she was cleaning the house. That scene was extremely funny. I have given this film a 6/10 becuase even though i didn’t understand some parts of it, i still thought that it was really good.

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