The first time I knew about this film was when I saw the first trailer on YouTube. I was really interested in it because hit was based on a true story which i remembered hearing about it on TV and it had Tom Hanks in it.Image

This is a film based on a true story about a relationship between Captain Richard Phillips and the Somali pirate captain, Muse who takes him hostage.

The film starts of slow in the beginning and shows the journey that Phillips and Muse make before they meet each other in between. Once it gets to the bit where the pirates start to hijack the ship, it starts to become more interesting and makes you watch on the edge of your seat. It also shows how much courage both Captain’s had in the situation with Phillips putting himself first before his crew to make sure that they are all safe and don’t die and Muse sticking to his guns when everything goes wrong.

Tom Hanks was incredible as always and showed the emotions that the character had in that situation. The stand out performance had to be the four Somali pirates. We got to see their lifestyles and how they always tried to do better for themselves even though sometimes it wasn’t working out for them. This is also the reason why Barkhad Abdi won a bafta for this performance. I have given the film an 8/10 and think that Barkhad should get an Oscar for his performance in this film.