The first time that i heard about this film was form watching the trailer on Youtube. I was also interested in seeing this film because of the Director Alfonso Cuaron who directed the third Harry Potter film and the producer David Heyman who produced all the Harry Potter film.

Gravity poster

This film is hard to explain. It is about a doctor on her first shuttle mission and something goes wrong when the shuttle is destroyed in space.

If you are looking for a film with a great plot, then don’t watch this film. The plot was really bad and it was obvious about some things that you would see happen in the film that wouldn’t really happen in space. Also, the first half of the film was boring.It starts to get interesting when the main character breaks away from the shuttle but if you have wathced the clips, then you would lose that excitement wihile watching the film like I did. Once the film starts to get serious, it becomes interesting and jaw-dropping.

PS. May contain Spoilers

My favourite scene in the film is when she realises that she is going to die and gives up, then George Clooney’s character comes in and tells her that she knows the way out and shouldn’t give up because she lost her child. I have to admit that even though the storyline wasn’t great, the visual effects and 3D experience was incredible. I have given this film a 6/10 becfause even though the visual effects was good, I had high expectations and the film didn’t reach to my standards.