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March 2014

12 Years A Slave (2013)

The first time I heard about this film, i was interested in seeing it. I saw the first trailer on YouTube. I was kind of scared also to see it because it is a slave film and I heard that there was a lot of torture.

This film is about a man named Solomon who was tricked into being sold for slavery for 12 years. It shows how he struggles to survive while trying to keep his true identity a secret.

This film had incredible performances throughout with people like Michael Fassbender making it look so believable. Now I know why this film has been recognised by so many people that it has been nominated and won a lot of awards. This film has an amazing story and is much better than Django Unchained.

P.S. May contain spoilers

Out of all the slave owners, I have to say that the worst one was the first slave owner played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Mainly because him and his family didn’t like how they treated the slaves but he didn’t do anything about it because of status and that is how their society is which made him a coward.

I recommend this film to anyone who hasn’t seen it and give it a 8/10


The 86th Academy Awards

The academy awards were hosted in the morning which is the biggest event for Hollywood. I first heard about this award show when Slumdog Millionaire won best picture in 2008 and I first watched this film in 2009. I didn’t get to watch the ceremony until today as they show it 1:30am UK time and finish at 4:30am so I had to avoid all social network until 12pm.

Oscars red carpet Livestream Video Academy Awards 2014 Arrivals


I have to say that as soon as I heard who was presenting these awards, I was so excited to see the Oscars this year and as I suspected, this years awards was outstanding. We had the first ever super selfie with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley cooper, Meryl Streep and of course the host Ellen DeGeneres in the photo as well as some other amazing actors. Ellen ordered pizza for everyone in the audience and then made them pay for it in the end. She also had an incredible opening monologue and has shown that this is the way you should become the best host at the Oscars. I also loved the fact she was always in the crowd which showed that she got the actors there involved as it was their evening.

Before watching the Oscars, I was able to see 7 of the films that were nominated which was a first for me as the most films that I see that are nominated for best picture is 2. The best picture winner for the Oscars was of course 12 years a slave. This film was amazing especially the story of how a man fought to get his freedom back from slavery for 12 years. Everybody in this film was wonderful and it was great to see a film that dealt with a real issue win the Oscar.

Best Actor went to Mr alright alright himself Matthew McConaughey. At first I didn’t understand why he won all these awards but after I saw the film, I knew why and this was well deserved for him. Best Actress went to of course the wonderful Cate Blanchett. This woman is an incredible actress and I agreed with her in what she said in her speech which was that today’s film show that you could have a leading actress and it will still be successful.

Best supporting actor went to Jared Leto. His transformation in the film was exceptional and I didn’t even recognise him in the role. He also played the emotion of the character very well. Best supporting actress went to Lupita Nyong’o. This was an amazing performance especially for someone who is acting in their debut. You could tell how much pain this character was in and I love the way the kind of persona Lupita has in real life which shows that she is a kind hearted women who people respect especially someone who is so knew to the attention.

Best animation film went to the highest grossing Disney film of all time Frozen. This was the obvious choice to win in the category and the best especially since the film was the last one to be released out of its nominees. The best speech out of all of them had to be the married couple who won best song for the song ‘Let it go’ in frozen. I loved that they rhymed their speech which made it so original. This is the best award show that I have seen in a long time.

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