After reading the hunger games, I wanted to get back into the habit of reading books so I looked at the New York best seller’s list to look for the top young adults book and came upon this book called Divergent that seemed interesting. I read a sample of the book and knew straight away that I had to read the trilogy. I was also excited to find out a few months later that they were making a film out of this book which I had the chance to go to the European première and see.

This is a film that is set in the dystopian future where Chicago is split into five fractions and at the age of 16, they take a test to tell them which factions they belong to. In the main character Tris’s case, she finds that she is divergent which means she doesn’t fit in one group and Divergents threat the system.

I really enjoyed this adaptation. They really stayed true to the books and I was glad that even though it has been a year since I have read this book, I still got to recognise most of the scene that was in the film. I like the fact that you get to see the characters struggle from being weak in the beginning to become a heroine. I do feel a bit sad that the film came out at the time of the Hunger Games peak that people keep comparing Divergent to Hunger Games but I have to say that these two are completely different. Yes they may be aimed in the future and set in a dystopian world but the storyline and characters are different. In Hunger Games, they fight to the death whereas this film, there are fighting but there is no hunger or forced violence, it is just a peaceful system that is scared of change.

I think that the actors in this film are incredible especially Shailene Woodley as I have been a fan of hers since she did the TV show Secret Life Of The American Teenager but it wasn’t until I saw her in The Descendants that I knew that she would be perfect for an action role. Theo James was also amazing as Four. I have rated this film 7/10 and would love to see the sequel Insurgent.