I have always been a big fan of Spider-man since I saw the first film in 2002 and even though I didn’t like the first remake of the new Spider-man films, I was still going to watch Amazing Spider-man 2 as the trailers have made this film look epic.

May contain spoilers. This second instalment shows Spider-Man fighting against greater enemies like Electro while still trying to figure out why his parent’s left and the company that they worked for.

This film was better than the first. It had everything that you wanted, action and comedy which wasn’t good in the first film. What I liked about this film was that you got to understand the story much more than the first one. It’s so great that they kept it true to the comics as it had a better story that the original spider man film.

Before I saw the film, I thought that it would be confusing as they had 3 villains but it worked really well which tells us that the sinister six would be able to be part of this franchise. Even though the villains were ok in the movie, sometimes you did sought of forget the storyline as Peter was still looking for an answer about his parents so it felt like it was a bit like Spider-Man 3. Electro started as a strong character in the beginning but later in the film, I started to forget that he even was a villain. Harry Osborn was a great villain in the film.

Peter and Gwen has the most exceptional chemistry in this film which was so much better than Mary Jane and Peter Parker in the original films. I was sought of surprised that they killed Gwen Stacy off really early as I thought the films would let the character have a much longer story. I have given this film a 7/10 because even though it was better than the first, it still wasn’t as exciting as the original.