The first time that I heard about this film was when the trailers came out but I never went to see it in the cinema because I was too young and never knew that you could go and see a 12 film with a parent even if you were young until I saw Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire.

Before this film came out, people considered clueless as the best ‘chick flick’ but after watching this film, I have to say that this is the best teen film that is out there.

This film is about a girl who moves from Africa to a new school where everyone is split up into groups and she and her friends work together to try and sabotage the Plastics (popular girls). This film is basically about high school and status.

The first time that I watched this film was when I was 12 and now on their 10th anniversary, I still think that this film is amazing. This film is one of those films that you will watch with friends as it is the greatest teen film. As well as the film being a great chick flick, it is also a great comedy film that has so many quotes that people use to this day like ‘You go Glen Coco’ and ‘On Wednesdays, we wear pink’. People always say that fetch is never going to happen but after the success of this film, I have to say that fetch has been happening for 10 years and go on for longer than that.

This film has created an excellent career path for people like Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Adams and Amanda Seyfried. This film has also given a pathway to other films out there like easy A showing that teen films don’t always have to be cheesy and can be really iconic and watched by anyone. I also think that teen films made by comedians like Tina Fey are so amazing like pitch perfect which was written by Elizabeth banks because they always show the real essences of teens everywhere. I have rated this film and given it a 9/10 because it is a film that you won’t get bored of watching