I have never seen a Godzilla film from start to finish which as I got bored from the first few minutes so I was really unsure if I should watch this one wanted to watch this film and see if it could  interest me.

This film is basically the 32nd film based on the world’s most iconic creature. I thought that this film was really good for what they put on screen.

The opening starts of with a bunch of scientists looking for a monster in the phillipinnes and goes into an amazing storyline about a couple working in a power station and something goes wrong that the wife dies from a radioactive chemical. The guy goes most of his life trying to figure out what killed his wife thinking that the government is hiding something while everyone else thinks he is crazy including his son.

This storyline at the beginning made the film seem strong as you knew that there was a purpose for the characters as well as the creatures. You also got to understand why Godzilla was there in the first place and what the main character was trying to do (which was to be with his family which is what his father told him to do before he died) but at times, it felt like the film was dragging on mainly because they wanted to keep it 2 hours like the scene with the bomb which didn’t make sense because they wanted to use it to destroy the creature and after that, they wanted to take it away from the creature.

I felt like they could have tried to make the film a bit better but for what it was, I enjoyed it. I have given this film a 7/10 because I feel like they could have improved but at least I got a story that I understood.