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June 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

The first time that I saw the first film was on TV and I thought that it was going to be bad because it was made from Dreamworks and they haven’t always made great movies but it turned out that I liked the first one so I knew that I had to see the second when it came out. I was lucky enough to see a preview of this film in the cinema.

This film is set 5 years after the first film where dragons and Vikings have united and everything is great until Hiccup and Toothless find an island where someone is trying to capture dragons so that he could control them.

May Contain Spoilers

This film was a really good sequel. It has incredible special effects like the first and has emotion.I like that Dreamworks are trying to take a lesson from Pixar films which is that yes you do need action in a kids film but you also need a story that kids and mainly adults can connect to because even though it might look like a kids film on the outside and kids and watch and enjoy, it is mainly a film for adults which shows that families can go and watch this film and would always remember it for good reasons.

This film showed that hiccup has like his mother says the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon because he is always there to save his people and the dragons as he thinks that they are one. I felt really sad when hiccup’s father died. Even though I did like this film, I still think that the first is the best because the storyline is much stronger than this one because if you didn’t understand the way this film was going, it will all fall apart but the first one, you had a clear point about the story and were intreaged so I have given this film 7/10.


The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

Every since I read the book ‘Looking For Alaska’ by John Green, I have always been a fan of his books and knew that I had to read all the other John Green books out there. I was in the middle of reading Paper Towns when I found out that they were making a film out of The Fault In Our Stars so I was determined to read it before it came out in the cinemas which I managed to do in 6 days which is the quickest time that I have read a book.

May Contain Spoilers.

This film is about two teenagers who meet and fall in love at a cancer support group.This film was incredible and emotional. It stayed so true to the book and the only difference was the scene in the restaurant as they were outside in the book but inside in the film. The whole was so emotional and at times you felt like crying(most people did in the cinema especially the girl next to me who couldn’t keep her emotions in tact that she kept wailing throughout the last 45 minutes of the film) but the only scene that really got to me especially when I read the book was when Augustus died because you felt all the happiness and pain that he and Hazel had throughout the whole film in just that one scene.

I love the character Hazel because she always shows that she is a fighter like when she nearly lost her battle to cancer, when she spoke to her favourite author who didn’t appreciate life, when she lost her one true love and especially when she was at the Anne frank museum as she showed that nothing was going to stop her from climbing up the stairs to see history especially her lungs. It was great to see Hazel’s relationship with her parents and how she cares so much for them because they are losing a child.

I thought that the character Gus is someone that people want to be friends with because he is so full of life and doesn’t care what others think of him without being annoying.

Shaliene is one of the greatest coming up actress today. Her performance of Hazel was on point and the team of her and Ansel was incredible. No one can do a better job than the two of them. No wonder why they let two people who play brother and sister in one film play love interests in another. I have given this film a 10/10 because there is nothing that they can do to improve because the film was just perfect.



Maleficent (2014)

The first time that I actually heard about this film was on a twitter update where they mentioned that there would be a new film based on Disney’s number one villain. I was excited to watch this film because even though I was scared of this character when I was young, I grew up to love how this character will always put you in suspense.

This film is about the untold story of Maleficent, the villain from the 1959 Disney classic animated film, Sleeping Beauty. It stars Angelina Jolie as Maleficent and Elle Fanning as Sleeping Beauty Herself Aurora.

May Contain Spoilers

In this film,there is no denying that Angelina Jolie gives great presence and pride to the character Maleficent. She shows the character in the way that you wouldn’t expect but even that performance couldn’t help me see that this film was amazing. At times, while watching this film, I was a bit bored and felt like some scenes did drag on for a bit.

The ending of the film had a nice idea seeing as women can stand for themselves and don’t need a man but it was sort of unnecessary and kind of put me off the film because if you have seen maleficent and love this film, you know what happens to the character but this film by making it all about maleficent changed the original story as well but not for the better.

I have given this film a 5/10. It wasn’t all bad but I wouldn’t actually watch it or tell anyone that they would have to see this film.

X-Men Days Of Future Past (2014)

I have always been a fan of X-Men and when I heard that they were making a sequel to the prequel, First Class, I knew that I was going to watch it but it wasn’t until I found out that they were putting the old and the new cast together that I knew how big this film was going to be.

This film shows the original x men trilogy cast members joining with the  new cast members from X-Men First Class in an epic fight to change the past so they can save our future. Instead of sending back Kitty like the comic books, they send back Wolverine.

May Contain Spoilers

I think that it was good that they changed the character that went to the past from Kitty to Wolverine because Wolverine has been been movie goers favourite character from the X-Men films and also because it makes sense for him to go to the past as he doesn’t age.

This film shows why Bryan Singer directs the X-Men films as it had action and an amazing storyline which is something that you don’t really see in most films out today. It also shows why X-Men is the best comic book around.

Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job playing Mystique as she showed that even though Mystique seems all hard on the outside, there is still good in her. It was great to see how young Xavier has coped since the events that happened in First Class and showed us that he was not the same Xavier that we all know and loved. James McAvoy did a great job with the character.

One of my favourite scenes from this film is when young Charles meets his future self because you can see the pain and the struggle that past Charles has had and you can tell that he has given up and the only person who can help and save him is himself just like he helped and showed Mystique and all of his future students that.

My favourite character and the standout performance in the film was Quicksilver. He was only in the film for 10 minutes but it was the best 10 minutes in the entire film. I love that the character had a comedic charm in every scene that he was in like when taped the officer on the wall or when he moved all the bullets and made the officers attack themselves.

A lot of people have complained about not seeing enough of the new characters in the future like Blink but this film is a second film after first class and they have to change the past to make sure that there is a better future so it has to be about the past which means that we are not meant to get a back story from everyone in the future until there is another x men film about just the future. I have to admit that sometimes I did forget about wolverine but it was ok because he was only there to guide them to make a better future.

I have given this film a 8/10 and I would definitely recommend this film to people to watch and would also tell them that they would need to watch first class, last stand, origins and maybe the ending of wolverine in order to watch and understand this film.


Juno (2008)

It’s weird but I don’t remember the first time I heard or watched this film, I think it was on TV after it was released on DVD or maybe I watched it on DVD.

This is a coming of age comedy film about a 16 year old who finds out she is pregnant and deals with things going on in her life while this is happening.

This film is probably one of my all time favourites. I have watched it so many times that I can’t count. It shows that teens can make good decisions as she booked an appointment for abortion but later realises that she could do better and give the child a home. She finds out that relationships aren’t always perfect and finally lets herself fall in love. The performances in this film were outstanding especially Ellen Page who should have won an Oscar for this film.I also love how every character is so cool and casual. I have given this film a 10/10 as I will never get tired of watching it.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

Before Toy Story 3 came out, I kind of got bored of watching all the new kids films and would only watch the old ones that I used to watch as a kid which isn’t really different to how I feel about kids films now and when Toy Story 3 did come out, I knew that I had to watch it in the cinema even though I knew that a lot of kids will be there watching it.

This third and last(hopefully) instalment shows us that Andy has grown up and is going to college like most of us who have grown up with this franchise. His toys who Andy hasn’t played with in a long time find themselves in a daycare where life isn’t watch they seem and must get back before Andy goes to college.

May Contain Spoilers (yes I know a lot of people would have seen this film but I know some people who haven’t which is ok because the film only came out 3 years ago, 4 if you are reading this after 10th July 2014 and before 10th July 2015)

Toy Story was the last piece of my childhood as after the film came out and I watched it, exams and college life started to come straight after (not literally but you get my point). This films shows how hard the toys work to feel loved again as they have been forgotten by their owner Andy who they would do anything for.

What I love about this film is what I loved about all the toy story films which is that no toy gets left behind. Even if they are separated, they always find a way to come back together. I also love their escape plans as it always leaves you gripping at the edge if your seat.

The scene that made me cry the first time I saw this film in the cinema was when the toys realise that they are going to die so they hold hands. It shows that there is nothing else that they can do and if they are going to die, at least they are going to die together as a family. That part that always gets me every time I watch this film and the ending when Andy says his goodbyes to the toys because it represents me saying goodbye to a franchise that I grew up with my whole life which has now gone to a much younger generation like how the toys have gone to a new home.

I have given this film a 9/10 because of how emotional and exceptional this film is.

Toy Story 2 (1999)

The first memory that I have about going to the cinema is when I was 4 and I went to see Toy Story 2. We got to the cinema late which meant that we had missed about 5 to 10 minutes of the film. I was a bit upset at the time but it didn’t bother me that much because I was and still am a big fan of Toy Story.

This is the second instalment to this incredible franchise where Woody is kidnapped by a toy collector when Andy is at summer camp and it is up to Buzz and the Gang to try and save him before Andy gets home.

May Contain Spoilers so don’t read ahead if you are the only person in the world who has not watched this film. Watch the Toy story trilogy before you read this review.

I love that the toys always have a plan to save one another no matter how dangerous or crazy it may be. I don’t really have the best memory of watching the whole film in the cinema as I was really young but there two scenes that I have the best memory from watching it in the cinema. The first scene is  where they are at the airport. I think  that it  is mainly because it was always fascinating to see how they sort out the baggage in airports and when I watch monsters inc, I think of this scene because the door scene is similar to this one and also the adventure in this scene had me at the edge of my seat.

The second scene that I have the best memory from watching in the cinema which is the scene that always gets me from the film which is Jessie’s scene because it shows how a child could think that a toy is the best thing in the world and grow up so quickly that they would abandon them not knowing that even though they might not be alive, they have feelings too. I know this may sound weird because I was only young but that scene and the one  where Woody says that they may not know how long they have with Andy but they don’t want to miss out on his greatest moments made me realise at the time that I won’t be playing with toys my whole life and that one day, I would be an Emily and forget about them which made me not want to grow up but it was true that we all grow up and forget about things that made us kids as we start to go into the real world which is why it is great to have a film like this that remind us that there is a kid in all of us no matter what.

I have given this film a 10/10 because of how incredible it is still to this day.

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