Before Toy Story 3 came out, I kind of got bored of watching all the new kids films and would only watch the old ones that I used to watch as a kid which isn’t really different to how I feel about kids films now and when Toy Story 3 did come out, I knew that I had to watch it in the cinema even though I knew that a lot of kids will be there watching it.

This third and last(hopefully) instalment shows us that Andy has grown up and is going to college like most of us who have grown up with this franchise. His toys who Andy hasn’t played with in a long time find themselves in a daycare where life isn’t watch they seem and must get back before Andy goes to college.

May Contain Spoilers (yes I know a lot of people would have seen this film but I know some people who haven’t which is ok because the film only came out 3 years ago, 4 if you are reading this after 10th July 2014 and before 10th July 2015)

Toy Story was the last piece of my childhood as after the film came out and I watched it, exams and college life started to come straight after (not literally but you get my point). This films shows how hard the toys work to feel loved again as they have been forgotten by their owner Andy who they would do anything for.

What I love about this film is what I loved about all the toy story films which is that no toy gets left behind. Even if they are separated, they always find a way to come back together. I also love their escape plans as it always leaves you gripping at the edge if your seat.

The scene that made me cry the first time I saw this film in the cinema was when the toys realise that they are going to die so they hold hands. It shows that there is nothing else that they can do and if they are going to die, at least they are going to die together as a family. That part that always gets me every time I watch this film and the ending when Andy says his goodbyes to the toys because it represents me saying goodbye to a franchise that I grew up with my whole life which has now gone to a much younger generation like how the toys have gone to a new home.

I have given this film a 9/10 because of how emotional and exceptional this film is.