It’s weird but I don’t remember the first time I heard or watched this film, I think it was on TV after it was released on DVD or maybe I watched it on DVD.

This is a coming of age comedy film about a 16 year old who finds out she is pregnant and deals with things going on in her life while this is happening.

This film is probably one of my all time favourites. I have watched it so many times that I can’t count. It shows that teens can make good decisions as she booked an appointment for abortion but later realises that she could do better and give the child a home. She finds out that relationships aren’t always perfect and finally lets herself fall in love. The performances in this film were outstanding especially Ellen Page who should have won an Oscar for this film.I also love how every character is so cool and casual. I have given this film a 10/10 as I will never get tired of watching it.