I have always been a fan of X-Men and when I heard that they were making a sequel to the prequel, First Class, I knew that I was going to watch it but it wasn’t until I found out that they were putting the old and the new cast together that I knew how big this film was going to be.

This film shows the original x men trilogy cast members joining with the  new cast members from X-Men First Class in an epic fight to change the past so they can save our future. Instead of sending back Kitty like the comic books, they send back Wolverine.

May Contain Spoilers

I think that it was good that they changed the character that went to the past from Kitty to Wolverine because Wolverine has been been movie goers favourite character from the X-Men films and also because it makes sense for him to go to the past as he doesn’t age.

This film shows why Bryan Singer directs the X-Men films as it had action and an amazing storyline which is something that you don’t really see in most films out today. It also shows why X-Men is the best comic book around.

Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job playing Mystique as she showed that even though Mystique seems all hard on the outside, there is still good in her. It was great to see how young Xavier has coped since the events that happened in First Class and showed us that he was not the same Xavier that we all know and loved. James McAvoy did a great job with the character.

One of my favourite scenes from this film is when young Charles meets his future self because you can see the pain and the struggle that past Charles has had and you can tell that he has given up and the only person who can help and save him is himself just like he helped and showed Mystique and all of his future students that.

My favourite character and the standout performance in the film was Quicksilver. He was only in the film for 10 minutes but it was the best 10 minutes in the entire film. I love that the character had a comedic charm in every scene that he was in like when taped the officer on the wall or when he moved all the bullets and made the officers attack themselves.

A lot of people have complained about not seeing enough of the new characters in the future like Blink but this film is a second film after first class and they have to change the past to make sure that there is a better future so it has to be about the past which means that we are not meant to get a back story from everyone in the future until there is another x men film about just the future. I have to admit that sometimes I did forget about wolverine but it was ok because he was only there to guide them to make a better future.

I have given this film a 8/10 and I would definitely recommend this film to people to watch and would also tell them that they would need to watch first class, last stand, origins and maybe the ending of wolverine in order to watch and understand this film.