Every since I read the book ‘Looking For Alaska’ by John Green, I have always been a fan of his books and knew that I had to read all the other John Green books out there. I was in the middle of reading Paper Towns when I found out that they were making a film out of The Fault In Our Stars so I was determined to read it before it came out in the cinemas which I managed to do in 6 days which is the quickest time that I have read a book.

May Contain Spoilers.

This film is about two teenagers who meet and fall in love at a cancer support group.This film was incredible and emotional. It stayed so true to the book and the only difference was the scene in the restaurant as they were outside in the book but inside in the film. The whole was so emotional and at times you felt like crying(most people did in the cinema especially the girl next to me who couldn’t keep her emotions in tact that she kept wailing throughout the last 45 minutes of the film) but the only scene that really got to me especially when I read the book was when Augustus died because you felt all the happiness and pain that he and Hazel had throughout the whole film in just that one scene.

I love the character Hazel because she always shows that she is a fighter like when she nearly lost her battle to cancer, when she spoke to her favourite author who didn’t appreciate life, when she lost her one true love and especially when she was at the Anne frank museum as she showed that nothing was going to stop her from climbing up the stairs to see history especially her lungs. It was great to see Hazel’s relationship with her parents and how she cares so much for them because they are losing a child.

I thought that the character Gus is someone that people want to be friends with because he is so full of life and doesn’t care what others think of him without being annoying.

Shaliene is one of the greatest coming up actress today. Her performance of Hazel was on point and the team of her and Ansel was incredible. No one can do a better job than the two of them. No wonder why they let two people who play brother and sister in one film play love interests in another. I have given this film a 10/10 because there is nothing that they can do to improve because the film was just perfect.