The first time that I saw the first film was on TV and I thought that it was going to be bad because it was made from Dreamworks and they haven’t always made great movies but it turned out that I liked the first one so I knew that I had to see the second when it came out. I was lucky enough to see a preview of this film in the cinema.

This film is set 5 years after the first film where dragons and Vikings have united and everything is great until Hiccup and Toothless find an island where someone is trying to capture dragons so that he could control them.

May Contain Spoilers

This film was a really good sequel. It has incredible special effects like the first and has emotion.I like that Dreamworks are trying to take a lesson from Pixar films which is that yes you do need action in a kids film but you also need a story that kids and mainly adults can connect to because even though it might look like a kids film on the outside and kids and watch and enjoy, it is mainly a film for adults which shows that families can go and watch this film and would always remember it for good reasons.

This film showed that hiccup has like his mother says the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon because he is always there to save his people and the dragons as he thinks that they are one. I felt really sad when hiccup’s father died. Even though I did like this film, I still think that the first is the best because the storyline is much stronger than this one because if you didn’t understand the way this film was going, it will all fall apart but the first one, you had a clear point about the story and were intreaged so I have given this film 7/10.