I have seen all the transformer films before this one and I thought that the first one was good and the second was ok but I hated the third. Anyway, before I went to see this film, I saw that there were bad reviews from critics but fans seemed to have enjoyed it so I thought I would give this film a chance as it has new actors in the film and this is the first transformer film that I have ever seen in the cinema.

This film is set after the third film where they had the ‘devastation of Chicago’ and now humanity has taken Autobots as their enemy.

May Contain Spoilers

The first half of the film was a bit confusing for me because they kept cutting from one scene to another when you were kind of getting into the film but in the end, I got use to it and it started to become really interested in the film and thought maybe this film might be good and then there was a scene where they were trying to save the daughter and I started to get really bored.

From that scene onwards, I just kept yawning throughout the whole film, nearly dozed off and was looking around the cinema wondering when this film was going to end. I even saw someone looking at their phone, texting someone which showed how bad this film was. At times, I did go back to the plot of the film but only for 3 mins or less until I was bored again.

This film just felt like they thought that there was too many back story so they just added random fight scenes just to make the film epic and it made the film seem very long like I felt like I was there for four hours. There was also advertisements in basically every scene for example there was this scene where scientists had created this thing called transformium (yes, it sounds really stupid and no, I am not making this up) where it was supposed to be a better version of the transformers and when they tested it out, it transformed into a my little pony toy and it also transformed into a beats pill and from that point on I thought “really, they should’ve just made transformers as an advert online instead, it would’ve been much better’.

Even though there were bad things in this film, there were some good things like the CGI was much better than the first 3 films as they were so clear and spectacular. Mark Wahlberg was good in the film as he had a back story that made sense as to how he found the Optimus prime as he is an inventor and saw Optimus as this vehicle which he could fix and made a lot of money out of. I liked the fact that his character always helped the autobots. The other characters tried to do the same but it didn’t really feel like they had done anything compared to Wahlberg’s character. I was surprised how Nicole’s character didn’t annoy me as most of the female characters in transformers tend to annoy me but maybe it could be that sometimes I did forget that she was in the film but that being said she did kind of annoy me in the 1st 20mins of the film. I sometimes wondered why her boyfriend was in this film and why he had sought of an Irish/Australian accent when he is meant to be from Texas. I thought that other than driving cars which he only did twice and not for long, there was no point of him being in the film.

I think the main reason why I didn’t like this film and wasn’t interested in it like most people is because it was a film that had a lot of action and not enough story and I love a film that has action and story like captain america 2 and all the x men films (except last stand and and origins) because those films made you feel connected with the characters while giving you great action whereas this one is just action. They did add a bit of connect to character in the first part of the film but it wasn’t enough and it led to a really bad film. I have given this film 2/10 and next time, I’m just going to stick with watching transformers films at home instead of spending £8 on these films.