The first time that I found out the planet of the apes franchise was when I watched the Tim Burton version as it was the time that I had just discovered him and went on a marathon by watching all of is film (still haven’t seen all of them). Even though people say that it was the worst planet of the apes film out there, I thought it was good for what is was and maybe because I haven’t watched any of the old ones. When I found out that there were making a reboot of planet of the apes for 2011 called rise of the planet of the apes, I was a bit worried because they are making a lot of reboots of classic films which haven’t been very good but the film was actually amazing, I have to admit that I wasn’t excited to see this film after until I saw the trailers which got me pumped up.

This film is set ten years after the first instalment where there are a few humans left as most of them have been wiped out by the virus that was seen at the end of the first film. The apes have evolved and are led by Caesar and when they clash, a war breaks out to determine who is the most dominant specie.


May Contain Spoilers

Now that is what I am taking about. This is how sequels should be. When they announced the sequel, I wasn’t really that excited until I saw the trailers for this film.

The thing that I love the most about this film is that even though it is a sequel, it can be seen as a stand alone film as before watching this film, I didn’t remember that much from the first but it was ok because you got to catch on while watching the film. I also loved that this film wasn’t predictable and that it always put you in suspense.

There were also had great shots in the film where you got to see some actions like you were behind one of the main characters in the scene whether it is trying to not get caught by apes or helping destroy humans. Throughout the entire film, you always felt sympathy for the apes especially Caesar because he was always question by Koba who says that he cared more for humans than apes.

You also understood Koba’s motive as he was treated badly by humans so he thinks all humans are like that whereas Caesar has lived among them so knows how they are. Some people complain that there weren’t enough humans but I think that it’s ok as the film does mention apes in the title so it should be more about them and how they are trying to adapt.

I think that the best actor in this film hands down is Andy Serkis as Caesar because he shows the power and emotion that Caesar has. I think that he should at least get a Oscar nomination and win one for his performance in this film As well as having great performance, the CGI is also spectacular especially the detail that they put into the apes making them have those emotions and facial expressions.

I have given this film a 8/10 (would have given it more but my cinema experience made it less as someone kept trying to mimic Caesar’s voice that it became so annoyed and someone else farted in the cinema. FYI, never go to a cinema that is only £4 as people think that the cinema is like their home and that they can do whatever they want.)