The first time that I saw the trailer for Earth To Echo was in the cinema. I thought that this will be a great 15 or 12A sci fi film that is about children who meet aliens from a different planet which is sought of like ET but for adults. Then I saw the trailer of the film of a kids channel and thought ‘Oh no, this is a kids sci fi film and we know how this is going to end’.

Earth To Echo is a film about three friends and their home is going to be destroyed but two days before they move, they see that something strange is happening to their phones which shows them a map so they decide to go on a hunt down and see what is happening. On their journey, they meet a small alien called Echo who has crashed landed on Earth and needs to go back home.


I heard that this film wasn’t strong enough and that it was a copycat of et so I was a bit worried about seeing this film but I did go and see it anyway and I am glad that I did because this film was really good. At first, I wasn’t that into the whole children filming themselves on this journey but I got used to it and thought that it was really made this film unique.

The first half of this film was amazing and seemed more like The Goonies than ET. You could really see the connection between the friends and it was good to see them connect to echo in the beginning. The second half wasn’t that exciting as the first but it is not to say that it was bad. I actually didn’t like the bit where everything started to end because it made me think, “is that it, they went for their journey just for this to happen”. I would have liked to see more but for what it was, it was good. I have given this film a 6/10. Great first half but weak second half.