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August 2014

The Maze Runner (2014)

The first time that I heard about this book was on the New York best sellers list. I got this book from the library because it sounded interesting and started to read the book and got a bit bored mainly because I was revising for my exams and couldn’t concentrate. When I decided to give the book back, I knew that I would regret it and I did because they made a movie of this book. I was lucky enough to watch this film in an exclusive screening.

This film starts off with a boy called Thomas who wakes up to find himself in a maze with other boys and has no memory of whoo he is and how he got there. He becomes curious and finds out that the only way to find out about his past is to find a way out of the maze.

This film was very interesting and intriguing throughout. This film doesn’t really have the standards that are up to the Hunger Games but it is better than Divergent. I like the fact that there is no love interest in this film like every teen book. The best part about this film is when they are actually in the maze because the things that happen there and scale of those scenes are spectacular. No wonder why they let a visual effects person direct this film.

I have always known that Dylan O’Brian was a great actor ever since I saw him in The Internship and The First Time (and yes Teen Wolf but I got into that show late, in June this year to be exact) so I was excited with how his performance would be in this film. Will Poulter plays an excellent villian which shows how diverse of an actor he could be from playing the nerd in We’re the Millers to the annoying cousin in Narnia. Everybody was great in the film but the only part that I didn’t like was the ending which is why I mentioned Hunger Games in this review because that film had an ending which felt like after the film finished, it was so good that I wanted more which is what you should feel from an amazing film  but this film’s ending just felt like it was just unnecessary and when it finished I was just like ‘that’s it, that’s how their going to build up the ending for the sequel’.

It was still a good film and I think that I might watch the sequel but that ending was just like ‘Really?’. I have given this film a 7/10 which is just scrapped because the action scenes and the visual are the best visuals I have seen and the first half of the film was amazing. It is just that ending that kind of put me off.

If you like this review or any other review that I have done, you can feel free to leave comments below and also suggest films that I should review.


What If (2014)

This film was a film that I wasn’t sure about seeing but when it came closer to the release date, the reviews of the film looked really good and it was compared to 500 days of summer by people saying that it had the same standards as that film so I knew that I had to actually see this film.

What If is a film about a guy and a girl that become friends but there is a problem as the guy is love with the girl and the girl has a boyfriend.

This film was actually good. Not as good as I thought it was going to be mainly because I was ill and couldn’t really concentrate on the film but it was still entertaining.  At times, I did feel like the story was too rushed but it was good for what it was. I don’t think this film is like 500 days of summer even though people are comparing this film to it as that film had a certain way of telling a story that is different to this film. I also can’t compare it to when Harry met Sally because I have never watched that film.

The good thing about this film compared to some films that are out there is that you cared a bit about their friendship but not about them as individuals and you sought of know what is going to happen in the end but at least this film isn’t like one of those sappy romantic comedies. I have given this film a 7/10 because it was entertaining but not the best romantic comedy that I have seen

A Goofy Movie

The first time that I watched this film was probably around when I was 10 years old which was the age that I was when we got Disney Channel on TV. I had been the only kid in school who never watched Disney Channel at the time so when I got it, I binged watched every Disney show and movie that they showed on the channel and on of the movies that they showed was A Goofy Movie.

The film is about Goofy’s son Max who doesn’t want to be like his dad and just when he gets the courage to talk to Roxanne, the girl he likes and is able to ask her out, his dad decides that they should go fishing together so that they could bond. Max then lies to Roxanne saying that he is going to a concert so he comes up with a scheme to make them go to LA for the concert.

This film is my childhood film. I used to watch it every time that they showed it on Disney Channel and knew the words to the song ‘I2I’. I still remember some of the lyrics now. It was a great film that came from Disney because even though you saw your favourite character in this film, you got to see how he deals with his son which is also a story that some people can relate to.

I also love the fact that they referenced everything Disney in this film from mentioning Walt Disney himself to showing Mickey and Donald in this film. Goofy also had a key chain that had the special signature D for Disney.

This film is a Goofy movie but in a good way. It has adventure, emotion and great songs that you will remember from years to come . For me, this is one of Disney’s classic films. I have given this film a 9/10. It is a great family film that everyone should watch.

Begin Again (2014)

This film is one of those films that I kind of wanted to see but wasn’t really excited about it. I first saw the trailers for this film on youtube and clips from the film on youtube and thought that it might be good to watch. I also saw a lot of positive reviews for this film so I thought that for one, I should go for a film that critics really enjoy after seeing the disappointing film that is transformers.


I went into this film not really expecting that much and I was really suprised by how this film turned out to be. I’m not that big of a music fan but this film made me understand music much more than I used to. What I loved so much about this film is that starts at a point where the two characters are at the same place at the same time and we get to see flashbacks from both characters before that moment where they meet up. Some films try to do this and can sometimes get the audience confused but this film did a brilliant job with representing their bad past to get to where they are now. I liked that the film moved in a slow pace so that you could get to understand what is happening. I also liked the fact that they used the outdoors of New York to record their music to show that we don’t need a glamourous recording studio, we can just use the city and any equipment that we can get to create this scene. I would recommend this film to anyone who is into music and anyone who wants to see a film with a decent plot unlike transformers. i have given this film a 7/10 and recommend it to anyone who loves music.


Remembering Robin Williams

When I found out that Robin Williams had died, it was at midnight on Tuesday when I got told about it by someone. At first, I was angry because I heard of different actors who had killed themselves and it had affected their loved ones so much that they are going to feel so much pain that they won’t ever recover from. Then, I got home and watched it on the news and found out more about his death which was that he suffered from depression and it just made me sad and think that the comedian who looked so happy and made everyone around him so happy wasn’t even happy himself and that no-one could really see it. It also made me think of people who are suffering from depression that are struggling to find help. I never even imagined that he would die.

The first ever film that I saw from him was Aladdin and when I was young, I was sought of scared of some of the characters in the film but I would alway be excited to see the genie because he always made me laugh and had the best song in the film (Friend Like Me which was written by the late Howard Ashman who brought Disney films back to life). The last time I watched this film before his death was around March this year when I was watching some of the films that he starred in. I feel like I will never be able to watch this film again.

Over the years, I had watch other films by Robin Williams but the first live action film that I saw from him was Jack. It was the first film that made me realise that comedians can also do drama as well as be funny. As soon as I watched this film, I knew that I had to watch many of his other films. My favourite part about this film is the graduation film when he told the students that life is too short and that you should always make your life spectacular because it encourage me that I shouldn’t feel down about life and think about what if.

The last ever project that I saw from him before he died was a TV show called the Crazy Ones. Even though this show was cancelled, it showed that Robin Williams was still the great comedian that we always knew to love. I was a show that I was excited to watch almost every week.

There are so many Robin Williams’ films that I have watched that have made me from Jumanji to Mrs Doubtfire to Night Of The Museum (still excited to see the 3rd film since it was announced) but I will end with this; his films have never really affected me in a career sought of way that it has affected other people but his death did affect me in a way that no other actor has. His films would always make me happy and feel something that no other film can compare to and even though I will look at the films at a different way, I will always remember him as the Nanny, Genie, President and the boy who never grew up. RIP Robin Williams. We miss you and we love you. Here is a quote from one of my favourite Robin William films.

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

This was the film that I was really excited to see this year because it was a marvel film that looked amazing and a lot of people have said it looks good. Even though I was excited to see this film, I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be great because it wasn’t a popular comic book like the avengers, captain america and x men.

This film is about Peter Quill who is a human and gets taken to the galaxy when he is a kid. A few years later, he is a criminal who gets arrested for stealing an orbit. There, he is forced to team up with a raccoon named Rocket, a tree named Groot, Dex the Destroyer and Gamora in order to save the galaxy from being a destruction .

May Contain Spoilers

This film was incredible. It had comedy and great character with my favourite being Rocket. Bradley cooper has been the best actor in Hollywood since he was in Silver Linings Playbook and this film showed that he was a great voice actor too of a character who you thought should have their own movie based on their adventure which could be one of the best CGI character films of all time if they made one.

Chris Pratt was also very good as Star Lord and Zoe Saldana was good as Gamora. Zoe is probably the best sci fi actress out there as she makes it seem cool for actresses to be in sci fi movies. Vin Diesel’s Groot was funny throughout the film but the character that surprised me was Dave’s Drax the destroyer as the character was good in this film and there aren’t a lot of wrestlers who are good actors (apart from wrestling). The only thing that I would say about this film is that it is not up to the standards as the avengers meaning that the villain was a bit bland in the film because you hardly remembered that he was there and had to let the characters mention his name for you to remember that there is a villain in this film and also watching this film, you already know that there is going to be a sequel because the head of the villain in this film is Thanos even though they weren’t out to destroy him.

While watching this film, I just thought that this was Star Wars/ Star Trek which made the film even more epic than it was. The atmosphere of the galaxy looked exceptional especially in IMAX 3D which is the best way to watch this film as the 3D, picture quality and sound is incredible. The soundtrack for this film is probably the best soundtrack in any film as it has songs like Hooked On A Feeling (which is my favourite), Cherry Bomb( which is my second favourite), I Want You Back and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough ( which is my third favourite). In all, this is a great summer film.

I have given this film a 8/10 because it was a great film but if the villain was better, it could have been the best marvel film out there.

Step Up: All In (2014)

I was really excited to see this film because it will probably be the last step up film mainly because characters from all previous four films have come together to create a dance group but then after seeing the fourth one and how bad it was, I was a bit worried about seeing this film.

All the people from the previous step up films come together to form a group to compete in Las Vegas.

I thought that this film was so much better than the four film for sure but it didn’t really go up to the standards the first three films had. I felt like I wasn’t all that excited when I saw the characters that I loved again because the film was basically round about the same as the second film onwards. Some of the characters acting annoy me so much because you know that they are just reading their lines and not adding any emotion or they are just over exaggerating their lines.

Apart from that, the dancing in this film was still amazing mainly because they always come up with new stuff but I feel like some of them are just great dancers rather than great actors. The cinematography is still great in this film and has been since the 3rd film but I felt like this film could’ve had a little more than it showed on screen but it was ok for what was there. I do still hope that this could be the last one as it is always the same cliché in all of the films. I have given this film a 5/10 because the dancing was good but te acting was ok.

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