I was really excited to see this film because it will probably be the last step up film mainly because characters from all previous four films have come together to create a dance group but then after seeing the fourth one and how bad it was, I was a bit worried about seeing this film.

All the people from the previous step up films come together to form a group to compete in Las Vegas.

I thought that this film was so much better than the four film for sure but it didn’t really go up to the standards the first three films had. I felt like I wasn’t all that excited when I saw the characters that I loved again because the film was basically round about the same as the second film onwards. Some of the characters acting annoy me so much because you know that they are just reading their lines and not adding any emotion or they are just over exaggerating their lines.

Apart from that, the dancing in this film was still amazing mainly because they always come up with new stuff but I feel like some of them are just great dancers rather than great actors. The cinematography is still great in this film and has been since the 3rd film but I felt like this film could’ve had a little more than it showed on screen but it was ok for what was there. I do still hope that this could be the last one as it is always the same clichĂ© in all of the films. I have given this film a 5/10 because the dancing was good but te acting was ok.