This was the film that I was really excited to see this year because it was a marvel film that looked amazing and a lot of people have said it looks good. Even though I was excited to see this film, I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t be great because it wasn’t a popular comic book like the avengers, captain america and x men.

This film is about Peter Quill who is a human and gets taken to the galaxy when he is a kid. A few years later, he is a criminal who gets arrested for stealing an orbit. There, he is forced to team up with a raccoon named Rocket, a tree named Groot, Dex the Destroyer and Gamora in order to save the galaxy from being a destruction .

May Contain Spoilers

This film was incredible. It had comedy and great character with my favourite being Rocket. Bradley cooper has been the best actor in Hollywood since he was in Silver Linings Playbook and this film showed that he was a great voice actor too of a character who you thought should have their own movie based on their adventure which could be one of the best CGI character films of all time if they made one.

Chris Pratt was also very good as Star Lord and Zoe Saldana was good as Gamora. Zoe is probably the best sci fi actress out there as she makes it seem cool for actresses to be in sci fi movies. Vin Diesel’s Groot was funny throughout the film but the character that surprised me was Dave’s Drax the destroyer as the character was good in this film and there aren’t a lot of wrestlers who are good actors (apart from wrestling). The only thing that I would say about this film is that it is not up to the standards as the avengers meaning that the villain was a bit bland in the film because you hardly remembered that he was there and had to let the characters mention his name for you to remember that there is a villain in this film and also watching this film, you already know that there is going to be a sequel because the head of the villain in this film is Thanos even though they weren’t out to destroy him.

While watching this film, I just thought that this was Star Wars/ Star Trek which made the film even more epic than it was. The atmosphere of the galaxy looked exceptional especially in IMAX 3D which is the best way to watch this film as the 3D, picture quality and sound is incredible. The soundtrack for this film is probably the best soundtrack in any film as it has songs like Hooked On A Feeling (which is my favourite), Cherry Bomb( which is my second favourite), I Want You Back and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough ( which is my third favourite). In all, this is a great summer film.

I have given this film a 8/10 because it was a great film but if the villain was better, it could have been the best marvel film out there.