When I found out that Robin Williams had died, it was at midnight on Tuesday when I got told about it by someone. At first, I was angry because I heard of different actors who had killed themselves and it had affected their loved ones so much that they are going to feel so much pain that they won’t ever recover from. Then, I got home and watched it on the news and found out more about his death which was that he suffered from depression and it just made me sad and think that the comedian who looked so happy and made everyone around him so happy wasn’t even happy himself and that no-one could really see it. It also made me think of people who are suffering from depression that are struggling to find help. I never even imagined that he would die.

The first ever film that I saw from him was Aladdin and when I was young, I was sought of scared of some of the characters in the film but I would alway be excited to see the genie because he always made me laugh and had the best song in the film (Friend Like Me which was written by the late Howard Ashman who brought Disney films back to life). The last time I watched this film before his death was around March this year when I was watching some of the films that he starred in. I feel like I will never be able to watch this film again.

Over the years, I had watch other films by Robin Williams but the first live action film that I saw from him was Jack. It was the first film that made me realise that comedians can also do drama as well as be funny. As soon as I watched this film, I knew that I had to watch many of his other films. My favourite part about this film is the graduation film when he told the students that life is too short and that you should always make your life spectacular because it encourage me that I shouldn’t feel down about life and think about what if.

The last ever project that I saw from him before he died was a TV show called the Crazy Ones. Even though this show was cancelled, it showed that Robin Williams was still the great comedian that we always knew to love. I was a show that I was excited to watch almost every week.

There are so many Robin Williams’ films that I have watched that have made me from Jumanji to Mrs Doubtfire to Night Of The Museum (still excited to see the 3rd film since it was announced) but I will end with this; his films have never really affected me in a career sought of way that it has affected other people but his death did affect me in a way that no other actor has. His films would always make me happy and feel something that no other film can compare to and even though I will look at the films at a different way, I will always remember him as the Nanny, Genie, President and the boy who never grew up. RIP Robin Williams. We miss you and we love you. Here is a quote from one of my favourite Robin William films.