This film is one of those films that I kind of wanted to see but wasn’t really excited about it. I first saw the trailers for this film on youtube and clips from the film on youtube and thought that it might be good to watch. I also saw a lot of positive reviews for this film so I thought that for one, I should go for a film that critics really enjoy after seeing the disappointing film that is transformers.


I went into this film not really expecting that much and I was really suprised by how this film turned out to be. I’m not that big of a music fan but this film made me understand music much more than I used to. What I loved so much about this film is that starts at a point where the two characters are at the same place at the same time and we get to see flashbacks from both characters before that moment where they meet up. Some films try to do this and can sometimes get the audience confused but this film did a brilliant job with representing their bad past to get to where they are now. I liked that the film moved in a slow pace so that you could get to understand what is happening. I also liked the fact that they used the outdoors of New York to record their music to show that we don’t need a glamourous recording studio, we can just use the city and any equipment that we can get to create this scene. I would recommend this film to anyone who is into music and anyone who wants to see a film with a decent plot unlike transformers. i have given this film a 7/10 and recommend it to anyone who loves music.