The first time that I watched this film was probably around when I was 10 years old which was the age that I was when we got Disney Channel on TV. I had been the only kid in school who never watched Disney Channel at the time so when I got it, I binged watched every Disney show and movie that they showed on the channel and on of the movies that they showed was A Goofy Movie.

The film is about Goofy’s son Max who doesn’t want to be like his dad and just when he gets the courage to talk to Roxanne, the girl he likes and is able to ask her out, his dad decides that they should go fishing together so that they could bond. Max then lies to Roxanne saying that he is going to a concert so he comes up with a scheme to make them go to LA for the concert.

This film is my childhood film. I used to watch it every time that they showed it on Disney Channel and knew the words to the song ‘I2I’. I still remember some of the lyrics now. It was a great film that came from Disney because even though you saw your favourite character in this film, you got to see how he deals with his son which is also a story that some people can relate to.

I also love the fact that they referenced everything Disney in this film from mentioning Walt Disney himself to showing Mickey and Donald in this film. Goofy also had a key chain that had the special signature D for Disney.

This film is a Goofy movie but in a good way. It has adventure, emotion and great songs that you will remember from years to come . For me, this is one of Disney’s classic films. I have given this film a 9/10. It is a great family film that everyone should watch.