This film was a film that I wasn’t sure about seeing but when it came closer to the release date, the reviews of the film looked really good and it was compared to 500 days of summer by people saying that it had the same standards as that film so I knew that I had to actually see this film.

What If is a film about a guy and a girl that become friends but there is a problem as the guy is love with the girl and the girl has a boyfriend.

This film was actually good. Not as good as I thought it was going to be mainly because I was ill and couldn’t really concentrate on the film but it was still entertaining.  At times, I did feel like the story was too rushed but it was good for what it was. I don’t think this film is like 500 days of summer even though people are comparing this film to it as that film had a certain way of telling a story that is different to this film. I also can’t compare it to when Harry met Sally because I have never watched that film.

The good thing about this film compared to some films that are out there is that you cared a bit about their friendship but not about them as individuals and you sought of know what is going to happen in the end but at least this film isn’t like one of those sappy romantic comedies. I have given this film a 7/10 because it was entertaining but not the best romantic comedy that I have seen