The first time that I heard about this book was on the New York best sellers list. I got this book from the library because it sounded interesting and started to read the book and got a bit bored mainly because I was revising for my exams and couldn’t concentrate. When I decided to give the book back, I knew that I would regret it and I did because they made a movie of this book. I was lucky enough to watch this film in an exclusive screening.

This film starts off with a boy called Thomas who wakes up to find himself in a maze with other boys and has no memory of whoo he is and how he got there. He becomes curious and finds out that the only way to find out about his past is to find a way out of the maze.

This film was very interesting and intriguing throughout. This film doesn’t really have the standards that are up to the Hunger Games but it is better than Divergent. I like the fact that there is no love interest in this film like every teen book. The best part about this film is when they are actually in the maze because the things that happen there and scale of those scenes are spectacular. No wonder why they let a visual effects person direct this film.

I have always known that Dylan O’Brian was a great actor ever since I saw him in The Internship and The First Time (and yes Teen Wolf but I got into that show late, in June this year to be exact) so I was excited with how his performance would be in this film. Will Poulter plays an excellent villian which shows how diverse of an actor he could be from playing the nerd in We’re the Millers to the annoying cousin in Narnia. Everybody was great in the film but the only part that I didn’t like was the ending which is why I mentioned Hunger Games in this review because that film had an ending which felt like after the film finished, it was so good that I wanted more which is what you should feel from an amazing film  but this film’s ending just felt like it was just unnecessary and when it finished I was just like ‘that’s it, that’s how their going to build up the ending for the sequel’.

It was still a good film and I think that I might watch the sequel but that ending was just like ‘Really?’. I have given this film a 7/10 which is just scrapped because the action scenes and the visual are the best visuals I have seen and the first half of the film was amazing. It is just that ending that kind of put me off.

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