Laika have created one of my favourite stop motion films Coraline. When I first saw that film, I thought it had the best story ever for a kids films and it felt like it had that Tim Burton style that The Nightmare Before Christmas has. I had also seen Parnorman and although it isn’t my favourite, I still liked it.

Boxtrolls is a film that is about creatures who live underground who event things and have boxes as clothing. They are also named after the box that they have and they adopted a boy who becomes a Boxtroll called Eggs. 10 years later, Boxtrolls keep getting taken by the Snatchers so eggs goes on a mission to find and save them.

This film was a good film. I will always love stop animation and it will have a special place in my heart but this film’s standards felt like Paranorman. It was good but it wasn’t incredible. I like the story for the film but it just felt a bit bland compared to their other film Coraline. I felt like they could have tried a bit more with the action because the concept of this film has a lot of potential to become a great film. At the beginning of the film, when one of the Boxtrolls that looked after eggs got snatched, there was a part of me that cared about the characters but after a while, every scene that was there to make you care for the characters didn’t actually work mainly because the story felt a bit rushed. The evil henchmen were funny in this film at times especially when they kept coming up with reasons why they are the good guys and the Boxtrolls are the bad guys.

I also noticed that in the film that they added CGI which looked ok at the beginning but after a while, I just thought that the whole film should have just been stop motion because that is what makes these films so original. I like the ending of this film where the show you the set and how they do the stop motion and show the set production of this film because it always makes you appreciate the animators behind the film. This film in all will be amazing for kids probably older kids because it is a little scary for the younger ones but a bit of a disappointment for fans of Laika film who were expecting a lot from this film. That being said, it is still a good film to watch and enjoy, the message is good for children showing that you should except people no matter what and the boxtrolls remind me of the minions. I have given this film a 7/10.