I was a bit worried about going to see the giver. Mainly because critics have said that this movie was dull but I went to see it anyway because it is the only sci fi film that is out now. This film was an interesting one.


It is set in a place where there is no colour and no violence. Just peace and the main character finds out that he is different from the rest of them because he can see colour. So when his class graduates, he is assigned to be a receiver. There, he learns how the earth was before there was peace and dullness in the word.

This film had an interesting concept and at times, it was good but it just felt too long. After a while, you start to get bored and wonder why some of the scenes were in there because I think this film should have been between 1hr 30mins to 2hr mainly because two people actually walked out of the screening after 1hr and 30 mins and they were teens so you know it was long and sort of boring.

That being said, if they did want to make it this long, they should have made the film a bit more interesting. I hate to do this but I would have to compare it to Hunger Games but only base it on the dystopian world because that is what the two films have in common. The Hunger Games dystopian world is much more exciting compared to this one and I feel a bit bad because I know this book came out before Hunger Games and that it was a best seller but having the film come up after all they hype of hunger games didn’t help as audience members are much more interested in action. I get that they want to make it more about story but the story has to be more engaging to be a great film and this one was only half.

I still think that the actors did a great job for what they had but there was one person who annoyed me and that was Katie Holmes. I don’t know why. Maybe her acting doesn’t interest me or maybe because her character had no emotion at all that it annoyed me. If you have read the book, maybe this movie would interest you but if you are looking for another popular dystopian film with action, then I suggest you don’t watch this. I have given this film a 5/10 and was expecting a lot more which meant that I was a bit disappointed with what I got.

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