I wasn’t sure about watching this film because I never knew what it was about but when I watched a lot of YouTube  film reviews, they mentioned this movie and said that this could probably be the best film of the year. So, when this film came out on DVD, I decided to watch it.

This film is about a guy who is the top chef who later gets a bad review based on a menu that he wasn’t passionate about. He also gets fired because he  doesn’t want to serve the menu given to him and he goes to Miami. There, he finds out that he needs to go back to his roots so he starts a food truck service around the U.S where he serves Cuban food with his second in command and his son.

What can I say about this film. It has an incredible storyline that is based around something that everybody loves which is food. Even watching this movie made me hungry and wish that I could cook food like that. It also made me appreciate food and people who own food trucks as someone could have the best restaurant ever but it would never be as good as people who serve on food trucks cause you could really tell how passionate they are about it, and that food is an art to them and they want to make their art special for their customers.

It also made me think twice about the Internet and what I put out there and that family and bonding with family especially in the things that you like is more important than anything. I think that Jon Favreau is a great director and incredible writer who should really write and make more films because I just thought that he was a great sci-fi director but seeing this, it made me find out that there is much more than that. This film is amazing and probably one of the best one that I have seen this year. Everyone should watch it and make sure you eat before you watch the film otherwise you would get really hungry. I have given this film a  9/10 and recommend everyone to see it but mainly people who are over 15 because it is a 15 film.

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