It wasn’t that long ago that I had just got into the whole Lord Of The Rings trilogy and started to notice what I was missing. When I found out that they were making the hobbit films into 3 parts, I was a bit worried and upset because they do this with most book adaptations nowadays and it doesn’t always turn out to be good. I did see the first Hobbit film in the cinema and even though I hated the frame that they used in it, I thought the movie was ok. It also meant that if they still wanted to keep fans interested in the franchise, they would need to make this film much better than the first one.

This film was so much better than the first one. It had everything you wanted, great action sequence especially the scene with the three way battle where the dwarfs were trying to escape. It was mainly based on the dwarfs rather than the first one which was based on Bilbo Baggins.

You also got to see how the Ring has actually affected Bilbo to the point of how he turns out to be in the first Lord Of The Rings film. At first, I thought it was unnecessary for them to split the film into 3 parts but after seeing this one, I am glad they did and Peter Jackson is the only person in the world who can pull this off in a spectacular way. Can’t wait to see the third one.

I would have given this film 9/10 but I saw this film late at night after I had had a long day and felt a bit sleepy while watching it so I have given it 8.5/10.

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