I never knew what this film was about when I heard of it except that Robert Downey Jr was going to be in it, so I knew it was good. It wasn’t until I saw the trailer that I knew that I was interested in the film and wanted to watch it.

This film is about a lawyer who finds out that his mum died so he goes home to the funeral. There, he tries to reconnect with his dad and later finds out that his father is charged for a murder. He then decides to be a lawyer for his case.

This is a great film about father and son relationships. Robert Duvall and Robert Downey Jr have an incredible performance. I get why some critics don’t like this film, there are unnecessary sub plots with Hank’s girlfriends and his ex wife that didn’t actually need to be in here. It also downgraded it from becoming this perfect father-son film.

That being said, I think this is a movie that I am glad that I watched it the first time. It has its sentimental moments and a small bit of comedy to liven it up a bit. Robert Downey Jr is a great actor and it is good to see him in a role other than Iron Man(not to say that Iron Man is bad, it is good).

I have given this film a 6.5/10 and recommend to anyone who loves father-son relationship films as they will feel a connection to this movie.

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