This film interested me when I first saw the trailer. Yes, it was your typical love stories that you have probably heard a million times but I have and always will be a fan of Lily Collins so I had to watch it. I was lucky enough to go to the world première of this film and also meet the cast.

This is a film based on a popular book about two friends who like each other but won’t tell each other how they feel.

The movie was actually good, a little bit fast paced at times but good. It’s nice to see films like this out in the cinema because at times, I do get sick and tired of watching big blockbuster films. It has some good British comedy moments in the film and you did actually follow the story. It also shows how long relationships go for before they find out that their perfect match has been there all along Lily Collins does an incredible British accent.

Even though it did have good moments, it also had some weak moments like at times in the film, you didn’t feel connection for characters and their relationships because you knew how everything was going to end and even though there was one scene that sought of surprised me, everything else was predictable which can get boring at times. I have given this film a 5/10 because it was half and half.

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