This is a film that I was debating on whether I should see it or not. I heard that it had bad reviews and didn’t want to see it and waste my money like I did with transformers so I did what any cinema goer would do, I looked at YouTube reviews that told me that the film wasn’t good but even then, I couldn’t really trust their opinion because some of them didn’t like earth to echo which I thought was good apart from the ending which I learned to live with. So I asked a fan of the series if they liked the film and by fan, I mean my younger brother who would tell me straight if he didn’t like it. He said it was good so in the end, I decided to go and watch the film.

This is a film about how four turtles who are brothers from the sewer and became Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They must work together with a reporter April and her cameraman Vern to save the city from the Shredder.

May Contain Spoilers

There were good things and bad things about this movie. The good thing was the namesake. Yes, at times they were trying to be funny but they were good at it and were also my favourite characters, which tells me why people love those characters and why my brother thought this film was good. The action was great too especially when they are on the Alps. The best action scene in the movie.

There were so many bad parts about this film but I am just going to say this. Megan Fox. She got on my nerves throughout the whole film. It just felt like she was just reading her lines out with no emotions. She didn’t even look like someone who was a serious reporter. She looked like someone who wanted to report because they wanted to be on camera. When her character got fired, I didn’t even feel bad for her, I just thought ‘she was doing a terrible job anyway so I was surprised she didn’t get fired in the beginning’. This movie just felt like it was Michael Bayafied but worse in a way that you couldn’t take it any more and it wasn’t even directed by him.

I mean, it doesn’t even take 10 minutes to see that Megan Fox is sexually objectified in this movie and this is mainly for kids who watch the modern TV show . There was also her cameraman who didn’t even need to be in here at all and it would still be bad.

There was a scene that they showed how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became who they are which was needed but it didn’t help the film become sentimental when their Sensei was attacked because I didn’t care for him as their origin story was bland and sought of long and those flares. Those dang flares. The only person who can actually use them is JJ Abrams and you know why, because he is a great director who knows how to use them in a way that are effective just watch Super 8, Star Trek 2008 version and Star Trek Into Darkness. The camera was also shown in a distorted way to make it more dramatic but it just made the film even more stupid than those flares.

The villain in this film, Erin Sacks also had a stupid motive. ‘ I want to put a toxin that I made out to the world so that I could use a cure that I made to save people and get money’. In the end, they would know it was you because the toxin kills people quickly and they would wander ‘why has this guy got a cure for this toxin so quickly? Maybe he is the one that came up with the toxin in the first place’. I hate how Michael Bay thinks his audience is stupid and made other directors think that too. Also, we shouldn’t give into this and watch rubbish movies like this. I hope that they cancel plans to make a sequel.

Over the years, it has shown that they can’t make a TMNT movie. Also, I heard that the Shredder was supposed to be the main villian but it didn’t even show. He was just there for the turtles to fight last minute and we didn’t even know what his aim for being there was. To scare us or make us excited for the next one?

People have compared this film to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 but this is much worse. All I have to say is thank you. Thank you Michael Bay and your crew for creating the bad movies that make so much money and make people like me go watch it and then write long reviews about how rubbish they are. I can’t wait until your next worst blockbuster film comes out whether it is produced, directed or even written by you.

On that note, I think this film deserve a 1.5/10 for the turtles itself, nothing more(can’t believe I am saying this but yes, this film was worse than transformers but by only 0.5).

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