This is a continued post about my top 10 Disney film which I would be doing every week. This week is from 6 to 3.

6. Alice in Wonderland (1951)

This is another one of those films that I don’t remember the first time that I heard about it but I do know that I have watched different versions of this film before I saw this classic.

This is a film about Alice who falls down the rabbit hole after discovering a strange rabbit with a clock. She discovers a world called Wonderland where there is a Red Queen, a Cheshire Cat, twins Tweedledum and Tweedledee and so much more.

Some people say that the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland is the best and although I love Tim Burton’s films especially his spin on Alice, the Disney classic will always be my favourite. I have only watched it once which is enough to say it is a spectacular film that is visually stunning in the animation side. It is a wonderful story from Lewis Carroll which shows that imagination is the most wonderful power that a child could have and we should never lose sight of that. It also has one of the best characters in the film, The Mad Hatter and it has one of the best songs in the movie ‘A Very Happy Unbirthday’ which is used to celebrate everyday that is not your birthday. I have given this film an 8.5/10 even though it is number 6 because it isn’t a film that I have watched every single day that I can remember it like Jungle Book as it is hard to find a copy of this film. I know I love this film because I love the story behind it and I always used to want to dress up like Alice for Halloween (even though it was a holiday that I didn’t and still don’t enjoy).

5. Aladdin (1992)

As I have said previously, my brother and I owned Disney stories as books and he owned Aladdin. As a kid, I was scared of this film because of one character,Jafar (mainly because he turned into a snake during the film). This is another one that I have no memory of my first encounter with this experience but it is a movie that I love.

This film is about Aladdin who encounters a lamp that has a genie that can grant three wishes and uses the genie so that he can win the princess Jasmine with the villain Jafar trying to get the lamp.

In the Robin Williams tribute, I spoke about how the genie was my favourite character in the film and that he made me realise that they can use comedians to make the movie more interesting. As well as having a great comedian character, it also has a good story and incredible songs like Friend Like Me written the legendary late Howard Ashman (he also wrote great songs from Disney films such as the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast). It is one of those movies that I will sing along to and watch every time and never get bored. I have given this film a 9/10.

4. Bridge To Teribitha (2007)

Yes I know that I have spoken about this film before but like Saving Mr Banks, there is a reason that I love this film.

This is one of those movies that tells you as a kid that your own imagination is more powerful than anything which is a great thing to be told by a film especially when you thought that your imagination was never important. It also teaches you about friendship especially as a kid and that friends and family can help you with any problems you may have whether it is loss or simply just being there for you when you need them. It also tells you that you should try not to shut people out cause in the end, you might need them. This film still gets a 10/10 because it is my favourite film of all time with a few other but it isn’t the best Disney film I have seen.

3. Mulan(1998)

As a kid growing up, I wasn’t actually that into Disney Princesses. My favourite genre of film was and probably still is action and adventure (now mixed with sci-fi and fantasy) and even though I knew the story of Snow White,Cinderella and all of the other princesses, I didn’t actually watch those films until I was 12. I’ve always known the reason why I didn’t get into those movies and it was because they all had to have princes that would save them and they would live happily ever after and get married because it was true love even though they only met each other a day (I know, a Frozen reference but hey, it had to be done). So when Mulan came out, I knew this was a film meant for me.

This is a film about a girl called Mulan who disguises as a man so that she could take her father’s place in the war.

Before Frozen, a film that represented that princesses could fend for themselves came out, we had Mulan, a movie that showed that a women didn’t need to be saved by a prince and get married to him after first meet up. Even though we had Pocahontas, this was the film that the message stood out to me and most audiences. The first memory of watching this film from beginning to end was in primary school and I remember how I felt in that moment. I was fascinated by this movie and it made me fall in love with Disney all over again as I was giving up on the films before I saw this one. So if it wasn’t for Mulan, I probably wouldn’t even be writing these Disney reviews.

As well as having a great storyline, this film has an incredible song, Be A Man sung by Donny Osmand which you can’t help but sing every time you hear it. I have given this film a 10/10 and say that any kid who loves Frozen should watch this film which they would also love.

Next time, I will be doing the reviews from 2 to 1 and summing up the whole reviews. Feel free to leave comments below.

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