The first time I found out about this film was while I was watching Step Up 5. They were showing trailers and I remembered that the concept and design of this movie looked and sounded wonderful. I was really excited to see this, especially as it had great reviews.

This film is about the legend of Manolo who is a dreamer that goes on a quest through a magical world in order to rescue his true love and save his village.

The book of life is a great story about the difference between life and death and that you shouldn’t try to cheat death as that doesn’t make you brave. It also has a love story because it wouldn’t be interesting without one and is a great Halloween story for kids.

When I heard about the story for this film, I thought it was going to be a great PG film. Then 2 minutes before the film started, I found out it was U and all my hopes for this movie went away, slowly. This is not to say that all U films are bad, it is just that it won’t be an incredible film because the whole idea for the story is that, it is for kids so there are moments where they would start to have a great action scene but it is cut short because of the age rating, which stops it from being an incredible film.

The story wise starts off strong but when the main character goes to the land of the forgotten, the film starts to become weak. It feels like they are rushing the story because they spend so long trying to building it up to get us to understand the characters.

The good thing about this film is that they actually don’t spoil a lot of it in the trailers so things that do happen is something that you didn’t expect. One thing I have to say is that the villian is pretty weak in this film. You don’t actually know what his motive is and what his history with the town is. The villian is just rushed into the story.

Overall, this is a good film to watch and I am glad that I did watch it the first time. I don’t think that I would actually buy this film on DVD but kids will definitely enjoy the film. I have given this a 6/10.

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