So you may have known by now that Toy Story 4 was announced last week Thursday. This announcement has been spiralling on social network with loads of people commenting on how they feel about this news. I am here to talk about my views on the Toy Story announcement.

When I first heard about them making a Toy Story 4, I have to admit that I was and still am upset. This was a film that came out when I was born, the second film came out the time that I started to appreciate cinema even though I was 4 and the last one when when my childhood ended because it was the time that I had started my exams which will decide on my future if I will continue education or work. I have been watching these films for my entire life. Basically, in the films, I am Andy and these movies are my childhood toys. So, to hear an announcement of this new movie made me annoyed. Why did they want to respire a film from my childhood by creating the movie but it will be someone else’s toys? Why can’t they just stick to the shorts that everyone loves? I get that a new generation love these films and maybe they just want to do this for money but they also have other kids movies to look forward to from Pixar like Inside Out or even Cars and there is no point ruining a great trilogy for money.

I know that this film would be good. How would it not? They have the same director as the first two which are considered the best ones. They also have Rashida Jones writing the script and have shown from films like Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen that having a female’s touch in stories makes for a good movie.

I have tried to look at this sequel as a good thing from different perspectives. Kids in 2017 will be able to appreciate great movies like this with a sequel coming out that year because who knows how kids films would be like in 3 years time. Its good to pass the touch on to a much younger generation etc. In the end, I just can’t seem to let this film go so I did something else. I watched clips from the first movie to the last remembering all the good memories and why having the fourth film come out would be great.

I watched the clip where Andy almost doesn’t give Woody away and realised that I was doing the same thing. I didn’t want to give this franchise away to this new generation because I have so many memories of it and giving it to them makes me realise that I am an adult and I am growing up. The truth is, in the end I am an adult. I even feel embarrassed to watch kids films in the cinema sometimes. Heck, not that long ago, I went to see Frozen sing-along and actually hated it. Not because of the film but because of everyone around me. It was full of young kids who loved to sing the songs no matter where they were and I would only sing them in my house. I also went to see the Book Of Life and found the film a bit childish because it is for children.

The last clip I watched for this Toy Story experience was the scene when the toys wave off Andy goodbye and it made me realised that yes, this new film will go out to this new generation but no matter what, the first 3 Toy Story films will always be a part of me and that is something that I will never let go. I just need to let younger people have their own experience with them. Maybe I might watch the new one, maybe I won’t. I have to wait 3 years to find out. So all I have to say is a quote from the last film which is ‘Thanks, guys’ and I hope that a new generation can appreciate them as much as I do.

PS. I figured out that The Muppets actually made this prediction when they mentioned Toy Story 4 in their opening number for Muppets Most Wanted