I remember watching Paddington in my childhood. They used to show the old cartoons of Paddington when I was a kid and had adverts which featured him. I had also read the books so when I heard that they were making a film, I was a bit protective of the character because some childhood shows had been destroyed by Hollywood like the Smurfs. I found out later that Heyday films were making it so I knew that the film was going to be in safe hands because they are the same people that gave us all the Harry Potter films.

Paddington is about a bear who lives in the darkest place in Peru but when something tragic happens, he commutes to London to have a better life.

This film was great. It reminded me of the old Paddington who always got himself into trouble and you always cared for him. I loved that they still kept it as a British film and had all the great British actors make a cameo. I love that the bear connects everyone in the family together and it reminded me of how the character actually connected those old and young together because Paddington has had a generation of fans and it is great to see them watch a film and bond together as films nowadays are only for one particular audience.

This film also made me feel like I wanted to try marmalade and see what’s so special about it. My favourite part of the film was actually the band because every time Paddington was out and about, they would always sing songs about his emotions or how he describes his surroundings.

The only weak point that this film had was the villian.  Their story of motivation for them becoming a villian became weaker and weaker as the film went on. In all, this is a great film for all the ages and as soon as you see Paddington put on the blue coat, you know that you are in for something special. I have given this film an 8/10 and recommend for family entertainment.

P.S. I think it was a good thing that they didn’t use Colin Firth as the voice of Paddington because you needed the character to sound childlike and Colin Firth’s voice is easy to spot from a mile away. This can distract you from the film.

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