From the first Madagascar film, my favourite characters have always been King Julian and the Penguins so I was excited to see this film. I had seen some clips and trailers that had excited me even more which was good but could be bad in the long run.

This film is set after the third Madagascar where the Penguins find out that there is an octopus out to get them.

At the beginning of this review, I had mentioned that I had watched clips which could be good and also bad. After watching this film, I had to say it was bad because they were the only jokes in there that actually made me laugh. I didn’t laugh or enjoy any one of them and felt like it was bland compared to the other Madagascar films. It may be that they have used a lot of their jokes in the TV show, they may have lost their source material or I could have the most bland personality. I don’t know. All I know is that this film didn’t work for me. It felt all over the place at times and a bit silly but not in a good way. I feel that Dreamworks have lost their touch in comedy. They should just stick to working on heartfelt films like How To Train Your Dragon.

That all bring said, this film has some good characters. Benedict Cumberbatch as Agent Classified was good ( and I did noticed that he didn’t pronounce penguins well in the film, more than once which is something that I wasn’t trying to pick from the movie,I just happened to notice it). Skipper played by Tom was incredible as always and that’s the only great characters in the film. The rest just annoy you, are there for the sake of it or you actually forgot we’re in the movie. Overall, I think a few kids might enjoy it but that’s it. I have given this move a 4/10

P.S. I saw this film by myself in the cinema which was the second time that I had done that and that tells you something.

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