This is the final series of the trilogy so I didn’t need any trailer to tell me that I should watch this movie, I was going to do it anyway.

This film was a good ending to the trilogy. I like that it starts off straight after the second film and has no time to waste. I also like the fact that we got to see how treasure has treated King Thorin as he is trying to look for the Arkin Stone. It kind of reminds you of how the ring has treated people who have come in contact with it. I loved the battle so much in this movie but still did feel like some parts weren’t needed even though it is the shortest of the three.

After watching the trilogy, I still strongly feel that they should’ve just made two films as it could have made the franchise as epic as Lord of the Rings.

I love King Thorin’s relationship with Bilbo because they slowly come to realise that they are friends.  I feel like that character have grown as well as Bilbo. While I was watching it, the whole time I was thinking, ‘is this it? Is this the end?’ And when it actually finished, I just thought to myself, ‘aw, now there’s no more Middle Earth films’. I don’t actually think I had this feeling because this film was great. I think I had this feeling because it was the first time that I ever got to experience this Middle Earth journey in the cinema as I got into the franchise late and I have enjoyed this experience. Being able to see films with fans, getting to talk to people about the franchise and now that it is over, there is nothing left. Yes, we would still have these films to look back on but it will never be the same as the first experience we had with the franchise.

For now, I have to say to Peter Jackson, thank you for bringing a community together to enjoy these movies and I hope they live on. I have given this film an 8/10
P.S. The relationship between the elf and the dwarf was the worst. Didn’t believe it for a second.

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