I loved the first night of the museum. It is a movie that I watched a lot and never get tired of it. The second was ok and I had a feeling the third wasn’t going to be good but I went and watched it anyway.

This film is the third instalment of this franchise. It is about the statues and how they have changed because there is a problem with the tablet. They need to go to London in order to sort out this out.

The film was ok. There weren’t any fantastic moments but there weren’t any bad ones. It was just mediocre. I think that it was always going to be hard to make this film incredible as the first one had a unique story.

The villain in the film was predictable as usual. As soon as I saw the person go into their second scene, I knew that they were going to turn evil.

It was bittersweet to see that these were the last roles for Mickey Rooney and Robin Williams. Especially the scene where Robin says goodbye like always to Ben Stiller’s character. This is because he is basically saying goodbye to us, the audience.
I have given this film a 5/10 because it is just mediocre.

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