As award season is coming up, most of the Oscar buzz films start to come out during January and this was one of the movies that had a lot of anticipation behind it.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance)  is an excellent film about a man who used to be an iconic character and now wants to be taken seriously in acting. He has done this by creating his own play in order to build his reputation up.

I loved this movie so much as it had incredible performances from every single cast member. I couldn’t pick the best one because they are all equally as good as each other. My favourite part of this film is that they did it in one shot. This means that recognition needs to be given to the editing team as they have to make sure that the whole shot syncs. This is something that I have first hand experience on as I used to do media and found out that this is a hard process. Credit also needs to be given to the director who came up with this idea and wanted audience members to have a great story as well as letting us appreciate cinematography. The whole way through, I didn’t want the film to end.

This film does follow certain characters at some points on how they have problems during the starting point of this play while dealing with their consequences. It shows that everything may look good in front of the screen but behind the scenes, they are just ordinary people trying to figure out how they can get through life.

In the end of the day, Birdman has made me appreciate actors and those behind the scenes as they deal with a lot in order to impress people and become the person they are today so that they can be remembered. I have given this film an 8.5/10 and recommend to anyone who loves cinema and art culture.

P.S. (may be a spoiler) the ending is a bit weird though. It’s reminds me of Christopher Nolan’s films where you have to figure it out yourself