It took me a long time to actually watch this film because of the limited release but I have finally watched it.

This is a great film about a women who made famous paintings but no one knew about them. This is because her husband took all the credit.

You can see the struggle that this woman had. All she wanted to do was provide a great home for her daughter and Keane took advantage of that by downgrading her and telling her that she won’t sell paintings because she’s a woman. She basically suffered verbal abuse for 10 years.

Christoph Waltz does an incredible job playing the husband. He was able to show that the character was a great liar through the years and all he wanted was fame. You can tell from his performance that he deserved the Oscars that he’s gotten in the past. Amy Adams does a great job as the wife. You could see that the wife struggled to find out what was right through the eyes of Amy.

This is a great film direction from Tim Burton for a long time. It looked different from his previous styles while still keeping hints here and there to say that this is still the Tim we all know and love.

My final rating for this movie is 7/10 because even though I enjoyed it, there were some moments that I felt a little bit bored which I can’t judge that much on because this is a biopic.

P.S. I screamed when the actual artist appeared on the screen. It was great to see her in this film.

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