I was a bit sceptical about watching this Annie because I had heard from critics that this was a bad film. Also, the fact that this is a remake downgrades my expectations even more. After long debates on whether to see this movie or not, I gave in based on the fact that people around me kept assuring me that this remake is great.

This film is a remake of the original 1981 film based on the play. After watching this film, the verdict is that it’s ok. Remakes are never going to be better than the original and this one had no exception. I did like the first half of this film. Especially when they sing ‘it’s a hard knock life’ ( it can’t get better than that). It also has a good story. We still have Annie who is the orphan and lives in a foster home with Miss Hannigan. She’s still trying to look for her parents and they have modernised it to our time. At this point I was thinking ‘ maybe this film isn’t so bad after all. I mean, you still have the cheesiness but it’s the good kind’. Then we get into the second half where she moves in the big house and everything goes downhill from there.

The singing becomes much worse that the first half that I just want to leave this film and never return. Cameron Diaz is very annoying that I sometime wonder why she was in this film. She can do so much better (I haven’t seen the other women so I don’t know if she has already done worse or not). Jamie Foxx does have some good moments in this film and then he starts to overact at times which get on my nerves.

In the end of the day, I don’t think it was their fault that I didn’t really like this film especially the second half. It was the Smith clan. Ever since their children were old enough for this business, they tried to remake every classic film into something that will suit their children and ending up upsetting people (even though I did think the Karate kid was good but not better than the original). Even Jaden Smith got a film made for him which is probably the worst film of 2013 (it wasn’t on my list because I couldn’t get past 15 minutes). Now because their daughter didn’t want to do Annie, we had to suffer for a film that was just bad, cheesy and only made for a specific kid to act in. That’s it. There’s nothing more I can say about this film. It just frustrated me during the second half. It even had a twilight reference which showed that it was bad.

I have come up with my final score being 3/10 just because it’s not the worst movie I’ve seen.
P.S. Rose Byrne was really good.

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