This was a movie that I was excited to see ever since I had heard about it. I was lucky enough to see this at a charity event for games aid.

This is the film based on the musical with the same name. It involves some of your favourite fairytale characters in a different world.

This movie is just good. Not great or not bad, just ok. I did love the first half. It had great performance and a great story that kept me engaged throughout. I loved everything about it and how they used the different fairytales to combine them together.

The second half felt too long that after awhile, I just got bored and wish that the first half came back. It just felt like the lost the feel of the movie. It also felt like they needed an interval to make some audience come back into the film. There is not that much that I can say about this to make my point so I’m just going to give it a rating out of 10, which is 7/10.

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