Every since I heard about this film, I wanted to watch it. This is because it is a combination of Disney and Marvel. I have been very fortunate enough to see this movie twice before the release date. The first time was when they were showing it in cinemas for one day only. The second time was when I got a chance to go to the gala screening at Leicester Square.

This film is based on a Marvel comic book about a boy who teams up with a group of friends and a health care robot in order to save the world.

This was an incredible film and one that was missing for us British folks in 2014. If it was released then, it would’ve definitely been in my top 5 for sure. It had great comedic moments that made me laugh throughout. Especially since Baymax creates them based on how innocent he is. He is my favourite character in this whole movie and every minute I just wanted to hug him. It also has great action scenes that again mainly come from Baymax.

This film makes science seems cool with all the creations that Hiro and his friends come up with. It also teaches kids that with their imagination, they can create something great. There were also some adult humour in this movie which shows that can also be enjoyed by grown ups. 

The heartfelt moments made me cry especially during one particular scene where my eyes were watery for a second.There is a great message for people telling us that friends and family help us deal with loss. We need them the most in our lives.

The plot was great and it had a good villain. The villain was a bit predictable but it depends how you take these kinds of films. I don’t know if this will be a memorable film in years to come but it is a great start for this Disney and Marvel animation teamwork.
I have given this film 8 fist bumps out of 10 and recommend this for a great family film even though I went to see this in a audience filled with adults.

P.S. As this is a Marvel film, you would need to stay until the very end as there is a surprise to come. There are also a few Easter Eggs during the movie. Try and come early to the screening because the Disney short is fantastic.