As soon as I found out about this film and that it was a spy movie created by Matthew Vaughan who made X-Men First Class and Kick Ass, I knew that I was going to watch this.

This is a film about a troubled boy who gets picked up by the secret service to train in order to become part of the team.

Matthew Vaughan has done it again. Like Kick Ass, the fighting style tells us that this is all comedic, fake and part of a comic book while still being fun and intriguing. I loved every single character and the fact that they have kept the british feel in there which makes me think of James Bond.

My favourite scene in the movie is when they are at the church because it was the ground breaking moment whilst still being thrilling and emotional. If there was ever a secret service, this would be the one to join. The pacing was just right. They knew when to put the scenes up without making them feel too quick or making us feel bored.

This movie has broken the January bore that usually occurs when only the great films of this month are award season ones. It is definitely the best I have seen and I would love to watch it again and see a sequel come out. I have given this film an 8.5/10 for its action and great british comedy.

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