My first look at the trailer was enough to make me want to watch this film.

Whiplash is an incredibly intense film about a student named Andrew who gets noticed by the top music class where he gets to drum for an orchestra and nothing is like it seems.

Oh my goodness, this movie is out of this world. It is definitely the best one that I have seen in a long time. Miles Teller does an excellent job as the student who just wants to be the best in the world and seen as the best that he never gives up. His performance is emotionally, physically and mentally empowering. He is already the best up and coming actor with a lot more to come.

J.K Simmons does a stand out performance as the brutal teacher who wants everything to be perfect. The way he treats his students makes you wonder what kind of teacher would torture people like that. Simmons has got a Golden Globe for this role which is deserved and I know that he will earn an Oscar win for this phenomenal performance.

This movie has made me appreciate musicians more than ever. It has a great artistic feel to it like no other and is considered for anyone who is into music films particularly jazz based ones.

The filming was incredible. I love that we got point of view shots of the musicians playing to show how intense it is in a jazz group. We also get slow motion and a few one take shots . This is probably the best directed film that I have ever seen.

In the end of the day, I loved everything about Whiplash from the performance to this music and it was an intense ride that kept me at the edge of my seat. This film has deserved a 10/10 cause there are no bad points that I can think of at the top of my head. It is also something that I would like to revisit one day.

PS. The movie has the best ending I have ever seen. I have never been so engaged in an ending like that. Even though I have watched this movie twice, I always find it to be empowering.